Acne And Pregnancy – How To Deal With Acne In Pregnancy

pregnancyacneBeing pregnant, bringing new life into the world is one of the most treasured blessings a woman can experience, no matter what. Even more so if it’s a planned pregnancy and she’s is ready for the responsibility of raising a child. Otherwise, it can quickly become a whirlwind of emotions; as it was in my case.

I was 22, my life lay stretched out in front of me, and the last thing I’d expected was to be sitting in my doctor’s office discussing the first trimester of my pregnancy. This can’t be happening to me, yet it was. The day before I’d taken a home pregnancy test and waited in quiet desperation as the blood drained, my face went pale and cold sweat covered me; the test was positive, I was going to be a mom, “Oh my God”.

“Of course you’re pregnant,” my doctor said smiling, no need for a blood test, I can tell just looking at you. I must have presents a quizzical look, so he continued, “You’ve got acne on your chin, your test was positive, you’re the body is preparing itself for your pregnancy. My reaction? First disbelief, and then embarrassment as I touched my chin and said, “Oh that’s not acne, I have sensitive skin.” He smiled while making note in my chart. Next came realization, I was pregnant, and with acne to boot, this was not the way I expected my life to go. I wished there had been someone to guide me, warn me, explain the path I was walking whether or not I would have listened, who knows. Here are a few facts from someone who’s been there and yes, done that at 22, hopefully, it will help.

What You Need to Know if You’re Pregnant and Have Acne

Remember, no matter how you got to this point, you’re about to be a mom, you’re about to bring life into the world, and with that thought, there are several acne medications that you should avoid when pregnant. One is Accutane, which has the potential to give your child severe birth defects, avoid it like the plague.

CAUTION: Always speak with your doctor, midwife or health care professional concerning any medications you are currently taking or plan to take during pregnancy, including over the counter medication.

I’m Pregnant – What Has That Got To Do With Pregnancy?

Think about it for a moment, your body is changing on a daily basis, your hormones are in a constant state of flux; life is growing within you. Acne -or pimples- are simply a byproduct of your raging hormones, normally nothing to be alarmed about, but check with your OBGYN if you have concerns. In this particular instance, the glands in your skin are enlarging and the production of “sebum” is increasing.

FACTOID: Located on the microscopic level of your skin, is the sebaceous glands. These glands secrete a substance called sebum which lubricates and waterproofs your sin.

When this happens, dead skin cells often become blocked, which in turn make this a perfect breeding brand for bacteria, which is the cause of Acne. The severity of the outbreak is dependent on the patient, and may occur only during the early stages of pregnancy. In actuality, Acne during pregnancy does not follow a set of rules, often a woman who fought Acne before will have clear skin while the reverse may be true for others.

What Do The Expert’s Say?

First, realize that Acne, while troublesome, may be a positive signal that hormones are increasing and moving in the desired direction. In many cases, Acne develops based on low zinc levels, with the majority of a woman’s zinc routed to the placenta for the nourishment of the fetus. Zinc supplements and Vitamin C may hep reduce or eliminate Acne while also boosting the immune system; discussions concerning proper usage and dosages should be asked of your doctor, midwife or health care professional.

FACTOID: One of the most beneficial undertakings an expected mother should partake is an abundance of clean, pure water. Doing so helps flush toxins, and serves as a beneficial enhancement to every organ in the body.

What About Coconut Oil – Can That Get Rid of Pregnancy Acne?

Coconut oil is somewhat of a miracle, excellent for your skin, containing properties to rid your skin of both fungus and bacteria while also boosting your immune system. Taking care of yourself both emotionally and physically, apply a layer of coconut oil every day, both for the emotional and health benefits. Consider using coconut oil in place of normal cooking oil and butter. You’ll find it offers an reduction in calories while also providing a sweet, succulent flavor.

Suggestions for Dealing With Acne Whether you are Pregnant or Not

• Never pick or scratch at Acne, it may offer temporary relief, but doing so could cause spread the infection and cause scars.
• When possible, seek natural cures as we’ve discussed.
• Avoid harsh soap and OVER washing your face.
• Remember, makeup could clog your pores exasperating the condition.
• Wash your face gently, never scrub.
• Eat healthily and avoid sugar and sweeteners.
• Consider a gluten free diet for the duration of your pregnancy.
• Keep in touch with your doctor, midwife or health care professional

More than anything else, appreciate the wonderment that is taking place inside, you are engaged in the miracle of childbirth.

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