Acne And Pregnancy – How To Deal With Acne In Pregnancy

pregnancyacneBeing pregnant, bringing new life into the world is one of the most treasured blessings a woman can experience, no matter what. Even more so if it’s a planned pregnancy and she’s is ready for the responsibility of raising a child. Otherwise, it can quickly become a whirlwind of emotions; as it was in my case.

I was 22, my life lay stretched out in front of me, and the last thing I’d expected was to be sitting in my doctor’s office discussing the first trimester of my pregnancy. This can’t be happening to me, yet it was. The day before I’d taken a home pregnancy test and waited in quiet desperation as the blood drained, my face went pale and cold sweat covered me; the test was positive, I was going to be a mom, “Oh my God”.

“Of course you’re pregnant,” my doctor said smiling, no need for a blood test, I can tell just looking at you. I must have presents a quizzical look, so he continued, “You’ve got acne on your chin, your test was positive, you’re the body is preparing itself for your pregnancy. My reaction? First disbelief, and then embarrassment as I touched my chin and said, “Oh that’s not acne, I have sensitive skin.” He smiled while making note in my chart. Next came realization, I was pregnant, and with acne to boot, this was not the way I expected my life to go. I wished there had been someone to guide me, warn me, explain the path I was walking whether or not I would have listened, who knows. Here are a few facts from someone who’s been there and yes, done that at 22, hopefully, it will help.

What You Need to Know if You’re Pregnant and Have Acne

Remember, no matter how you got to this point, you’re about to be a mom, you’re about to bring life into the world, and with that thought, there are several acne medications that you should avoid when pregnant. One is Accutane, which has the potential to give your child severe birth defects, avoid it like the plague.

CAUTION: Always speak with your doctor, midwife or health care professional concerning any medications you are currently taking or plan to take during pregnancy, including over the counter medication.

I’m Pregnant – What Has That Got To Do With Pregnancy?

Think about it for a moment, your body is changing on a daily basis, your hormones are in a constant state of flux; life is growing within you. Acne -or pimples- are simply a byproduct of your raging hormones, normally nothing to be alarmed about, but check with your OBGYN if you have concerns. In this particular instance, the glands in your skin are enlarging and the production of “sebum” is increasing.

FACTOID: Located on the microscopic level of your skin, is the sebaceous glands. These glands secrete a substance called sebum which lubricates and waterproofs your sin.

When this happens, dead skin cells often become blocked, which in turn make this a perfect breeding brand for bacteria, which is the cause of Acne. The severity of the outbreak is dependent on the patient, and may occur only during the early stages of pregnancy. In actuality, Acne during pregnancy does not follow a set of rules, often a woman who fought Acne before will have clear skin while the reverse may be true for others.

What Do The Expert’s Say?

First, realize that Acne, while troublesome, may be a positive signal that hormones are increasing and moving in the desired direction. In many cases, Acne develops based on low zinc levels, with the majority of a woman’s zinc routed to the placenta for the nourishment of the fetus. Zinc supplements and Vitamin C may hep reduce or eliminate Acne while also boosting the immune system; discussions concerning proper usage and dosages should be asked of your doctor, midwife or health care professional.

FACTOID: One of the most beneficial undertakings an expected mother should partake is an abundance of clean, pure water. Doing so helps flush toxins, and serves as a beneficial enhancement to every organ in the body.

What About Coconut Oil – Can That Get Rid of Pregnancy Acne?

Coconut oil is somewhat of a miracle, excellent for your skin, containing properties to rid your skin of both fungus and bacteria while also boosting your immune system. Taking care of yourself both emotionally and physically, apply a layer of coconut oil every day, both for the emotional and health benefits. Consider using coconut oil in place of normal cooking oil and butter. You’ll find it offers an reduction in calories while also providing a sweet, succulent flavor.

Suggestions for Dealing With Acne Whether you are Pregnant or Not

• Never pick or scratch at Acne, it may offer temporary relief, but doing so could cause spread the infection and cause scars.
• When possible, seek natural cures as we’ve discussed.
• Avoid harsh soap and OVER washing your face.
• Remember, makeup could clog your pores exasperating the condition.
• Wash your face gently, never scrub.
• Eat healthily and avoid sugar and sweeteners.
• Consider a gluten free diet for the duration of your pregnancy.
• Keep in touch with your doctor, midwife or health care professional

More than anything else, appreciate the wonderment that is taking place inside, you are engaged in the miracle of childbirth.

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Tea Tree Oil For Flawless Skin

Dropper With Amber Bottle and Green BackgroundThere are many products on the market for acne, although tea tree oil is one of the best that many are missing. The oil is extracted from the leaves by gently steam distilling them until the oil bleeds out. The tea tree can be found in Australia while the oil is found worldwide and helps people with many skin ailments. While tea tree oil is imperative for skin treatment it is important that it is 100% pure and natural.

Using Tea Tree Oil For Skin Treatment

  • Tea tree oil has the ability to kill off acne without any of the negative side effects of traditional acne medications like benzoyl peroxide.
  • Tea tree oil is all natural and is safer for your skin and general health.
  • This oil can reduce the size of the pores which can make you look younger and more refreshed.
  • This oil is great for people who already suffer from oily skin as this is a non-greasy oil and helps to reduce the amount of oil in the skin.
  • Tea tree oil is a natural medicine that will not clog your pores.


It is important to only use a small amount of tea tree oil for a first use as it may react with certain skin types. First add a small amount to a cotton swab and gently apply it to a small area of the skin and let it sit for a couple of hours. If there is no swelling, rash or redness you should be able to use tea tree oil without any adverse affects. If you do have a skin reaction try diluting the oil with equal parts of oil and water.

It is absolutely essential that you do not leave tea tree oil of the skin for extended periods of time with cotton or swabs In the past people have fallen asleep with pure tree tea oil for a few hours and have burnt holes in their skin. You do not want to be in this same situation. Just a small amount will be needed to reduce the amount of pimples

One Of The Best Tea Tree Oil Products

Urban Decay Cosmetics has and incredible tea tree oil product that is known as De-Slick. It is available in a pressed powder form and cream however, the pressed powder form is the best for your money. You can use the powder over your foundation for an incredibly smooth and fresh look that is not over-matted. This will help to erase the appearance of pores and will fight the formation of acne. You can use this during the day in the place of re-applying your foundation. You can apply De-Stick to the oily areas of skin and feel and look refreshed.

Pure tree tea oil is one of the best ways to fight acne and oily skin at the same time and keep them from coming back. For the best results, it is important to use a gentle cleanser in the evening and morning and use an oil-free moisturizer for hydrated skin. In addition, you will want to exfoliate the skin at least three times a week to remove cellular buildup from the skin. If the skin is not cleaned on a weekly basis dry skin will clog the pores.

If you are tired of putting unhealthy and unnatural products on your skin today is the day to switch to natural tea tree oil for healthy, beautiful skin.

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Tips For Getting Rid Of Acne Scars

acnescar1Anybody who suffers from having acne is very well aware of how relieved one can feel after their acne infections have been treated and their skin no longer has acne on it. Unfortunately, their relief tends to disappear very quickly after they realize what the acne has left behind- acne scars. Although they are very irritating, acne scars are quite common. Frequently it is quite possible to avoid acne scarring if acne sufferers would just follow the advice that their dermatologist, family members or information found on the internet provides them with.

What Causes Acne Scars To Form

The cause of acne scars is from popping or picking at one’s pimples. If an individual continues bothering the pimples that appear on her or his face, chest, neck, back, or elsewhere, the person can develop severe scarring. Picking and popping pimples can not only cause severe scarring, it can also cause acne to form and spread on other parts of the skin before improving. When pimples are popped or picked at, it releases a clear liquid containing acne-causing bacteria. This seeps in the areas of skin surrounding the pimple. More acne develops when the infectious clear liquid penetrates the pores. So you not only increase your chances of developing acne scars, but you also increase the likelihood that you will have additional acne breakouts. That’s why you should never pop or pick at your pimples!

You might be surprised by this, but if acne marks on your skin are not at least one year old, they aren’t considered to be scars. This scarring, which appears as a slight discoloration or red mark where the acne was originally, is called post-inflammatory change. It is one step in the natural healing cycle. Your skin might take 6-12 months to fully heal. If no more breakouts develop in the same area, and you refrain from picking at any that do form, then the marks should diminish within one year. It is considered to be a permanent scar if the mark is there for more than one year.

Other Ways Of Avoiding Acne Scars

1. While your scarring or markings are healing, avoid having your skin exposed to the sun. If you are in the sun a lot as your acne marks are fading, be sure to wear a sunscreen that has a SPF of 30 at least in order to avoid the marks darkening further as well as other kinds of sun damage.

2. Use a gentle exfoliating treatment at least 3 times per week in order to get rid of dead skin cells. In time, this will result in new skin resurfacing, which will minimize your acne scars. If you have severe scarring, you can have microdermabrasion treatments performed at your dermatologist’s office.

3. One very effective treatment that will reduce permanent and temporary scarring is laser resurfacing, which is done by a dermatologist. Lasers gently burn the top layers of your skin to a specific depth. Then new skin grows to replace that old skin which has been burned. This results in your skin looking less scarred as well as rejuvenated and renewed. Some patients find this type of procedure to be painful, however most people are very satisfied with their results. Good post-surgery skin care is critical in order for the skin to heal properly and to achieve beautiful skin. Proper guidelines need to be followed by patients so that their skin properly heals.

4. Tretinoin-related products (such as Retin-A) can help speed the healing process up and also minimize scarring significantly. These kinds of topical treatments can also help to prevent the development of new breakouts.

Natural Remedies For Minimizing Acne Scars

1. Vitamin E- Scarring can be decreased by using Vitamin E oil. If you have scarred sin from acne, a burn or a cut, apply Vitamin E oil. In a couple of weeks you will notice that your scarring has lightened.

2. Fresh Organic Lemon Juice- Squeeze some into a bowl. Then dip a cotton ball into the juice. Apply the juice lightly to your face using the cotton ball. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes before rinsing it off. Lemon juice can lighten acne marks in addition to evening your skin tone and acting as a natural astringent for reducing oil.

3. Baking Soda Facial Mask- Mix together 2 teaspoons of water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Apply the mixture to your washed face. Leave the mask on for a few minutes before rinsing it off using warm water. Using a baking soda face mask is like having a mini home microdermabrasion treatment.

When it comes to your acne scars fading, don’t get discouraged. Just follow the tips that we have provided you with and your acne scars and marks will be gone before you know it.

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