Steps to Treat Acne Cysts Effectively

AcneAcne can show up on the skin in various forms, including blackheads, papules, pustules and cysts. When acne cysts show up, they could make the skin become swollen and painful, and can cause facial scarring if not treated. To effectively decrease and remove acne cysts, it is very important follow a skin care routine that can help bring the puss of the acne cysts to the surface of the skin, kills off acne-causing bacteria in the pores, and dries up the fluid and puss inside the cysts.

Step 1 – Apply steam to get puss from the cysts to the surface of the skin. Place a bowl onto a flat surface, and fill it with boiling water. Drape a towel over your head, then lean 18 inches over the bowl. Let the steam to cover your face for not less than five minutes, then rinse off your skin with warm water. Repeat 2 times per day.

Step 2 – Apply a tea tree oil compress to kill bacteria inside the pores. Soak five cotton pads in water, then squeeze out the excess with your fingers, Drop 1 drop of tea tree oil onto each pad, and allow it sit for 3 minutes to spread the oil around the pad. Put the pads onto your skin, allowing them to remain there for five minutes, then remove them and let your skin dry naturally. Repeat 2 times per day.

Step 3 – Spot treat the cysts with calamine lotion. Soap the end of a cotton swab in calamine lotion, then dab it liberally around the acne cyst. Allow the lotion dry completely, and let it to stay on your skin for approximately three hours. Rinse off the calamine lotion with warm water. Repeat 2 times per day.

Steaming the skin forces the pores to spread out, and enables bring impurities that are trapped deep inside the pores to the surface of the skin. When steaming your face, you should lean no nearer than 12 inches over the bowl of hot water. Otherwise, the steam could scald your skin.

Acne cysts make the skin to generally be more sensitive and inflamed than normal. Although benzoyl peroxide cream is one of the most typical acne treatments, it can cause irritation when used on acne cysts. One method to prevent this is to apply tea tree oil on the acne cysts, which the Department of Dermatology at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital recommends will remove acne as well as benzoyl peroxide.

Calamine lotion is usually used to lessen redness and dry up fluid from chicken pox blisters and a poison ivy rash. Because calamine lotion is a naturally soothing and effective in drying up fluid in the skin, it may also be very useful for treating acne cysts. Calamine lotion is mild enough to be left on the skin for about three hours.

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